5 November 2013

Make Up | Eau De Teint Foundation

I always feel like I should be reviewing L'Oreal products in French. If only I could remember much of my high school GCSE... Let's try this...


Honestly, this is such a lovely foundation. It's incredibly lightweight, you don't even know you're wearing it and you only need a small bit. Basically shake (with the lid on) then tip onto your index finger and apply. I find I only need about three goes to cover my whole face. Although it is very lightweight it gives really good, natural coverage. I'd say around medium which is what I like. It has a very matte finish which I wasn't expecting at all. It's all very very natural which I love. It's very long wearing as well and doesn't upset my oily skin.

Overall I cannot rate this little drug store beauty enough. You do only get 20ml in a bottle, which is about 10ml less than the usual foundation. However you only have to use so little that I think it will last as long as any others. I've seen many reviews comparing it to Nars Sheer Glow, I've never tried this but always wanted to, now I don't really feel the need to as this is such a little gem.

The packaging is so nice as well, I am a bit scared it will break as it is glass, and where it's a shake and tip one it's already so grubby but I don't really mind at all.

Have you tried this foundation? What do you think?


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  1. I have wanted to try this since it was released in the USA. Its had mixed reviews but I think most of the negative ones are aimed at the packaging not having a pump.
    This looks great on you. Im going to treat myself to a bottle & see how I get on with it


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