20 November 2013

Outfit | Off to Bath I Go

dress: topshop | belt: topshop | scarf: lola rose | coat: topshop | necklace: tiffany | shoes: schuh

So the day before my birthday my lovely boyfriend took me to Bath. I've never been before and had always wanted to go. Whenever I go past on the train it looks so gorgeous and picturesque for a city. While there I dragged him around the Roman Baths and to do some Christmas shopping. The shopping is huge! There are so many shops I could be wondering around for hours and still find somewhere else.

Anyway, this is what I wore up. I bought this dress a couple of weeks ago and I love it. It's lovely a thick, so warm and very practical. It's blue as well so my favourite colours - basically made for a Lisa! I teamed it with this amazing Lola Rose scarf, a hand me down from my lovely Mum, and my faithful Schuh boots.

I'm having issues with my foot at the moment. Back in February it started hurting and I was told I had probably fractured it - although I couldn't remember doing it! Now it's come back, I've found that these boots make it so much easier to walk in. It has a slight heel so keeps the pressure off my arches and it has great support for the foot. The doctor has decided I need an ultrasound on my foot as it may be something to do with the nerves so just waiting for that to come through now - fun! Until then, I'm a limp a long!

Anyway, I have popped some pics from Bath below - so enjoy! I would highly recommend it to you all!

What's your practical winter outfit?



  1. Your outfit is lovely, I love the boots! I've never been to Bath but I've also wanted to, it looks so pretty.

    samantha xx

  2. I love bath. I went for the first time in the summer. That dress looks very comfy and cosy. Hope your foot is ok. X

  3. You look lovely, love the dress and boots :) xx


  4. lovely outfit hun, i'm glad you had a great day!!


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