28 March 2014

The Review | Cotton Pads & Buds

This week I've been looking at the products, but how about the application Flannels and muslin cloths are popular choices throughout the beauty world, however I love something a little softer and a little less hassle in terms of washing. Hello cotton products! I love them, they are so cheap to rebuy and really soft and gentle on the skin as well. So how do I use them and what do I use them for...

Technically these are baby pads, however these are absolutely perfect for removing make up. As it's a larger pad you only need to use one to remove make up from your whole face. I usually use a micellar water to remove my make up. I then use the same one, but they other side, later on when removing any excess cleanser. 

These are the cotton wool pads that everyone tends to use, your normal round pads. I used to use these for removing make up but I'd end up using three of four in one go so I moved to the large ones. Now these are reserved for removing tough eye make up and lipstick, and with my toner. 

Cotton buds, the unsexiest thing in the world to use quite possibly. I use these for a number of things (as well as the usual cleaning of ears). I pop some micellar water on one end to get rid of any excess make up straying or to correct it. I also use it with toner on to target any blemishes. 

We all have our own little bits and bobs that we use, but these are my holy trinity and I will be repurchasing forever. They are ridiculously cheap and I honestly find them more hygienic than muslin clothes of flannels. 

What tools do you use?


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