12 March 2014

The Comparison | Bioderma Crealine v Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water

When this new little beauty from Garnier came out I was very excited. Woop - another micellar water! A girl can never have too many, right... Right?! Anyway, I bought this with my Boots points and have loved it every day since its purchase. I thought it would be a really good opportunity to compare it to the bloggers favourite - Bioderma.

Bioderma has been my go to micellar for well over a year, it's great at removing the tough make up effortlessly and cleans my face without an issue. Not only that, but it doesn't dry out my face (unlike other micellar's that I've tried). The only problem is it's a bit trickier to get hold of and a touch more pricey than others I have in my collection.

Garnier is the closest dupe to Bioderma that I have tried - and, if I can get away with saying it - I think it may even be better. I find Garnier a lot kinder on the skin. Bioderma is perfect, but Garnier is just that bit nicer to use and my face doesn't feel stripped of dry afterwards. Also, quite often when using Bioderma I use it on my lips to remove bold colours. The taste after is incredibly chemically - the Garnier version doesn't have that.

One of my biggest issues is removing waterproof mascara - with Bioderma I find I do have to rub a bit, which is obviously bad for the sensitive skin around you eye. With Garnier you still have to rub to remove, but not nearly as much. It's definitely an easier process.

Now let's talk about value... The Garnier version costs £4.99 for 400ml, Bioderma costs up to around £12.50 from 500ml - and that's from a French website. You can get 250ml from UK sites for £9.99.

Winner: Personally, I'm definitely picked the Garnier version over my trusty Bioderma at the moment. It seems to do exactly the same job, but just more. I absolutely love it and if you love Bioderma, or have been waiting to give it a go, grab this version - you won't regret it!

Which do you prefer, the Garnier or Bioderma?

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