4 March 2014

The Life Post | Little Homey Touches

So, I don't have my own house as yet however I when I get home and pop into my room there are still those little touches that make it mine and make it feel like home. Well, it is home - I have lived here for over 13 years. So let's take a little peak at some of my favourite homey pieces.

I've never really been one for candles until recently. I picked up this beautiful "L" candle holder in France during the summer, I fell in love with it. This little glass tee light holder I got in my stocking, it goes with my room perfectly. Behind this you'll see a mini frame with a "Best of Friends" card my lovely friend Amber gave me.

Last February I went to the Forest of Dean with my family, plus Adam and Hanah (Simon's girlfriend). This is my favourite photo of my family, I love to have it close by so it sits centre of my window sill. My parents also have it as a canvas in their dining room. I love photos, so I also have these photos of me and two of my besties on top of my shelving unit. Mix and match frames which I love and old pics as well. The beautiful butterfly image behind was made by the lovely Paige Joanna for my birthday.

Then we have my favourite place in the world, my bed. I chose it myself when my room was decorated and it is coming with me when I move out. I love these roses across the frame, it's beautifully decorated and I love them. We also have this face which is also usually on my bed. Gorgeous, fluffy Ragdoll, Dougal. He's stupid as anything but seriously cute.

I hope you enjoyed my mini tour! Hopefully when I get my own place you'll get to see even more!

What pieces do you have to make your house a home?

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