31 March 2014

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Sometimes you try a product and you instantly dislike it - there is just something about it that you can't like. So, you pop it aside and leave it alone for a while. Then, you end up picking them up again and o look - now you like them! This happens to everyone, yes? Well over the years there have been a couple of products that have changed my mind...

I got this in a blog sale over a year ago now and was my first Sleek product. The first few times I tried this I really didn't like the colour. I just didn't think it suited me at all. Lately I've picked it up again and retried it and I really love the formula of the blush, the lasting power and suddenly I am intrigued by the colour. It's a different colour than my usual, it has a definitely golden touch and I love the highlighting properties.

So, it's not that I never liked this. I always loved it and the results it brings in terms of my skin. However, the first few times I used it I really didn't how it felt on my skin, it was warm and felt uncomfortable, a little bit burning. I stopped for a while but the past few months I've picked it up again and love it. I've used less of it and the burning sensation is a hell of a lot less and it's not uncomfortable in the slightest - this one I'd put down the user error. Whoops!

If you read my initial review of this you'd know I really didn't see the point in it. Then recently you'd have seen it again and again in my blemish busting and skincare posts. This has completely changed my mind. I use this little and often now - it's a very targeted treatment and teamed with my toner it's a winning combination. I couldn't live without this now.

Again this was more of a case of a colour not really suiting me on first impressions. This was a definite orange and I really didn't feel happy or confident wearing it from the off. So it got popped in my lipstick drawer and kind of forgotten about for a while. Then, I picked it up again around November and loved it. Maybe I'd lost a bit of tan so it suited me more? I don't know, but I do love the colour now - parfait!

If I'm honest, I've tried this so many times because I keep falling for the hype - even if I wasn't sure I really liked it. I found it a bit wet and also, not waterproof is a big no no for me so I shyed away a lot. Very recently I've been really unimpressed with my current mascara, so dug out my one of these and I've now fallen for the look it gives. It's so natural and amazing - still wish it was waterproof but I'm finally understanding the hype!

I have so many other products that I don't use for one reason or the other and 9 times out of 10 I will keep going back to give it another go. You skin changes depending on the weather/day in terms of oiliness, dryness etc so skin care and foundations that once used to hate your skin may come around to liking it. Also, user error is a huge thing with me - I'm not a make up artist, expert in how to use things, I always read the destructions five times over before I actually use something. If you're like me in that respect that's why twitter is so amazing - just ask someone for help :)

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