3 April 2014

The Review | Toni & Guy Sea Salt Texturising Spray


So, I am now completely in love with Toni & Guy products. Why have I not used them before? I mean really Lisa, it's just bad! I used Boots 3 for 2 offer to get myself a new shampoo and conditioner as well as this sea salt spray. I'd heard mixed reviews about this so I was a bit dubious, but honestly - oh my.

I use this on towel dry hair, spray through the lengths and tips and scrunch. Dry a bit with a hair dryer, then spray and scrunch more, then dry until dry. Once dry I spray and scrunch again. Voila, here I have lovely beach hair.
I've been finding it very hard to find one that it good with my shorter (growing longer...) thick hair but this is perfect. Even if you want to leave your hair straight but add a bit of texture it's perfect. I can't wait to use this more in the summer - it's a beaut!
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  1. I have tried a salt texturising hair spray by Schwarzkopf, it made my hair so dry and horrible! This sounds a lot better, I'll have a look out for it!

    Laura Likes Beauty xx

  2. I have used Toni and Guy in the past and might give this a whirl, great review thank you.

  3. I have just nominated you for a Very Inspiring Blogger award as you have been so inspirational in helping me with mine. x

  4. Hello :) just letting you know I've nominated you for the versatile blogger award! All details are over on my blog at faceitamy.blogspot.co.uk :) xx


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