15 April 2014

The Face | In Interview Series

So I have some really incredible, exciting news to share with you all! You may or may not know, but basically for about a year now I've been looking to get back into marketing and have been going to a load of interviews etc for a while now. All that work has finally paid off as I've been offered a job as a Marketing Assistant for a company in London!! It's always been my dream to work in London so I am thrilled. As part of this celebration I wanted to do a little series on interviews etc so I thought I'd start with an "interview face". 

Now, I know it's different for all companies etc but a lot of what I was looking at was office work so I needed to show my most professional self whilst still looking like me. The above was my face. I started with a very simple and dewy base. Under eye concealer was absolutely key and long lasting make up. I put a natural blush to give a subtle flush. I'm not anything without my liner, so I put my usual liner on but made sure it wasn't too winged or thick. Keeping it simple was key. The lips I popped a little colour on, but a nice natural colour with a little personality. 

The key for me was to make myself look like me, but longer lasting and more professional. Everything was simple and neutral. I know some more creative jobs will be a bit different but for jobs like mine, this was definitely the best way to go.

Tomorrow I'll be looking at outfits for your interview, then I'll move onto night before preparation! Hope you enjoy the series!

What would be your interview face?

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