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I'm so lazy when it comes to skincare, really it's scary. However micellar waters have made it so much easier to remove make up and this has made a real difference. I reviewed the Garnier offering here and fell in love with it - I even prefer it to my Bioderma. I use this every single evening to remove all traces of make up, including eye make up. It's really gentle on the skin but tough on make up. I use it every morning as well just to get rid of any excess dirt from that evenings sleep. Although it's great I always found it left a little to be desired when removing eye make up. It was always a struggle, better than most, but still not exactly right.

Most eye make up removers I shy away from - especially those with an oil and water that you mix together - as it just leaves my eye area feeling greasy and disgusting. However, I decided to give the little Garnier version a whirl. It's a little bottle of goodness. It's really really gentle on the eye area but gets rid of make up very easily. Not only that but there is no grease or oil left around the area. My skin is left feeling clean and soft. 

These two together make the perfect make up removal team - they were made to work together and I love this team. Why would I want to pick anything else?

What's your make up removal team?

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  1. Sounds like a good part of your skincare routine, I like the sound of the eye makeup remover, a useful product! x


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