22 April 2014

The Review | Maybelline Eraser Eye Concealer


I've had this concealer in my collection for a little while and just not really been that bothered about sharing it with you guys until now. It was nice but for me it just wasn't worth shouting about. However, I've found that as it's getting warmer my usual concealer for under eyes (Soap & Glory Kiss Ass Concealer) is getting a bit too thick and it's just not staying put lately so I've been turning to this little product more and more, and honestly, I'm loving it.

Traditionally it's an under eye concealer - and it does a fab job at that. With the spongy tip it's so easy to use and apply to the contour of your under eye and really soft as well. It gives good coverage and looks natural. it's a very light concealer in terms of formula so I've found longevity isn't fantastic but it's definitely better than my Kiss Ass in the warmer months. 

If I'm honest I think this concealer really comes into it's own when used on blemishes. It's  case of popped the sponge on a blemish, roll for a second and it's vanished - in terms of make up anyway. It's a very yellow based toned concealer so it is better for blemishes than under my eyes I have found, but it still does a good job of hiding those dark circles - something I'm going to need when commuting to London every day soon!

What's your perfect under eye concealer for the summer?

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