20 April 2014

The Haul | Yankee Candles

So, the other week I went a little bit candle crazy. Up until Christmas candles didn't really bother me. I liked the idea of them, and some of the holders are oh so pretty, but I wasn't too bothered. Since Christmas I thought I'd give them a go, I got a new holder so I definitely needed to utilise it! Last week my local Yankee Candle shop had a bit of an event... On the Friday and Saturday, if you bought £25 worth of product you got a free medium jar. So - I may have over indulged... I took two trips, one on the Friday, one on the Saturday. Whoops! So what did I get...

The first thing I picked up with Pink Dragon Fruit Small Jar, a very sweet, fruity floral scent. It's full bodied and so incredibly yummy. Next, I nabbed another small jar, this time Sicilian Lemon. Very sherberty and lemony - it's very citrus smelling. Before I went off my lovely Mum (see blog here) pointed out these adorable voltive holders. I ended up with three, pink and green for my room and a blue one (not pictured) for my bathroom. The lady recommended using tea lights in these to show off more of the pattern so I grabbed of box of Clean Cotton. A very fresh scent that really does smell like it's name. With all of this I chose my free medium jar, Beach Walk. Oh my gosh this is lovely. It's so incredibly fresh. It doesn't smell like a beach to me (no salty scent) but it does remind me of a summers walk. I love it.

The next day I went back - with the intention of getting a birthday present for my lovely sister (well, brothers girlfriend). I picked her up Sweet Apple, part of their new fruity collection, and grabbed myself one as well -both small jars. This really does smell like fresh apples. Yum yum. From the same collection I picked up Orange Splash - again, very much like it's name, very citrussy and very orangey. I also picked up a new voltive to pop in my lovely glass holder in Fresh Cut Roses. Very floral and very rose like. Neither is pictured here. For my free medium jar I picked up Mango Peach Salsa - oh my gosh is this fruity. It smells ridiculously like mangoes, I can't detect the peach in it, but the mango is powerful and fruity fresh.

I'm not going to lie - I feel like I've been struck by the crazy candle lady (hi Mum!). They are dotted around my room like a little shrine, whoops! I don't think I'm going to need to buy anymore for a very long time... Who am I kidding?! Of course I'll pop back soon to pick up more fruity fragrances! My personal favourite? Vanilla Lime... I also came up with, what I think, is a great idea for when I've finished with the jars... Clean them out and reuse - the Medium ones as coffee/tea/sugar holders, the smaller ones for sweet jars. I can't wait to use them up!

What's your favourite Yankee flavour/scent?


  1. Ah yankee candles are gorgeous! I will always be an apple and cinnamon fan but the beach walk sounds really nice, I might have to get a sample!


  2. I definitely agree with you on Vanilla Lime! I live near a Yankee outlet store so I always get spoilt for choice. Midnight Oasis is lovely, as is Soft Blankets... oh god who am I kidding, there's no way to pick a fav :')!

  3. best haul ever! I am loving the new range, I've got my eye on a few too! x


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