6 March 2014

The Review | Bayliss & Harding Skin Spa Collection

It's Mothers Day this month and Bayliss and Harding have some amazing products to offer. I know they are amazing because I was lucky enough to be sent some goodies - which I then shared with my Mum who loved the scent. 

I was very kindly sent a gift set of the Hand and Body Cream*, Body Cleanser* and Diffuser* in their Skin Spa Range, witht he scent sugar cane, basil and lime. The scent is zesty and you can definitely smell the basic. It's incredibly fresh. I was naughty and bought myself the candle as I loved it so must. The diffuser currently sits in my bathroom and the entire room smells amazing. Within half an hour of installing this the room was infused.

As always, the body products are luxury to the max - creamy, moisturising and filled with the gorgeous fresh scent. I absolutely love this. I haven't had a chance to burn the candle yet, but just getting a whiff of this every now and then it is beautiful.

My Mum would love this set so I would highly recommend taking a peak if you're stuff for a gift. This is definitely one of my most favourite scents I've come across. 

What will you be getting your Mum for Mothers Day?



  1. This sounds like a lovely collection. I like the crisp white packaging makes it look quite luxurious

  2. This is worth knowing as I've been looking for a scented candle and I just haven't found one I like. Think I'll check this out!


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