21 March 2014

The Comparison | Bumble and Bumble vs Aussie

Keeping my hair nice and tame often feels like a full time job (sigh). Hands up if you feel the same! Finding products that help to control frizz and help to keep it nice and sleek, even when it's been salt sprayed or curled is definitely worth the mission. These two products are the ones I've found that really do the trick, but in a couple of different ways...

The Bumble and Bumble BB Straight Blow Dry is specifically for making your hair sleek and straight. You pop a pea sized amount into the palm of your hand and run it through the lengths and ends. Then dry - this is incredible and smoothing any frizz and keeping your hair straight. The only downside I've found is it is a tad heavy on my thick hair. Also, if you use this then pop some salt spray in to give it a tousled look it really doesn't work - this balm overpowers the salt spray completely.

The Aussie Dual Personality and Anti Frizz Conditioning Milk is used in exactly the same way. However, this isn't a straightening balm so you can use it with salt spray to get rid of any frizz and you'll still get the tousled look you're going for. Also I've found it's not nearly as heavy as the Bumble and Bumble version. If you want to use this to help keel your hair straight when you dry it don't bother, it will keep it sleek and frizz free but it won't keep it straight like the Bumble and Bumble product.

Basically it depends on what you want as to which you should go for - I use these for different things. If I want to blow dry my hair straight I throw the Bumble & Bumble on - but I'm using smaller and smaller amounts because of the heaviness. If I want something a little less "done" and a bit more "undone" I throw on the Aussie version and spray in some of my favourite salt spray and scrunch. Then rough dry with a hairdryer. 

Obviously price wise the Aussie wins out as it is much more purse friendly - I only have the Bumble and Bumble product because I got it in the sale. Both products are amazing at what they do and I honestly couldn't live without either of them - however, if I had to loose one it would probably be the Bumble and Bumble. I can straighten my hair and the Aussie product does keep is sleek, however I can't live with frizz - therefore I just couldn't throw away my Aussie beaut!

Which would you use and how?

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