18 March 2014

The Review | Benefit Dandelion Lipgloss


So, if you read the blog you know I'm not really a lip gloss person - I don't like the thick sticky texture and they just feel icky. However, I've recently found one that doesn't make me want to wipe it straight off - yay! I feel a little bit more complete now.

So, I got this in a little Benefit set for my birthday and it's taken far too long for me to actually review it. Dandelion is just a really nice subtle everyday pink and is just perfect for days when I don't really feel like going the full whack with lipstick. It's so light it feels more like a balm then a gloss but it just has a gorgeous gloss finish to it.

I'm absolutely in love with this and have decided from this I definitely want to get more into lip glosses - I have my eye on a few different ones I wanna try but I am unfortuantely a) on a no shopping lent thing and b) just spent all my money on my annoying little car so it will definitely have to wait a few weeks! (Unless anyone wants to send me some... go on, you know you want to!) Please let me know of any you recommend as I'd love to know, I will add them to my list to try once I have more pennies!!

What gloss do you recommend?


  1. I got this in a set for my birthday as well! I absolutely love it, its perfect for spring/summer! Great post :)
    Emily xx

  2. I am not the biggest Lip Gloss fan either I have a few that I like & tend not to stray from them. I have always been intrigued by these Benefit glosses as I like the packaging. This one sounds like a pretty shade


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