2 March 2014

The Outfit Post | Top 5 Oscar Dresses

It's the Oscars tonight. I love the Oscars. Not because I like films, I do like them - but that isn't why I love the Oscars. I love them because of the dresses. I love the glamour and I just LOVE the dresses, the accessories and ugh, love love love. So, with that in mind I popped together my top five dresses from Oscar history.

Mila Kunis is Elie Saab 2011
This is without a doubt my favourite. The year of Black Swan and Mila's rise to superstardoom. I love Elie Saab as a general rule but this is so gorgeous and actually really a bit saucy for the Oscars. It's so girly, yet sexy and the colour is rare for the red carpet. 

Jennifer Lawrence in Dior 2013
Last years Best Actress winner. This was the dress that caused the trip up the stairs and I absolutely love it. It's a proper princess dress but I loved the way she styled it, with the back necklace, really simple accessories and up-do. Her Calvin Klein party dress was just as gorgeous.

Amy Adams in L'Wen Scott 2011
We all know I love my navy so I was going to love this. I think Amy Adams is quite often over looked, this dress is actually amazing. Glitzy, slinky and sexy yet classy. I love the jade accessories that go with it as well, very different and a gorgeous colour as well. 

Kate Winslet in Ben De Lisi 2002
This is the one dress that always sticks in my mind when I think of the Oscars. This is a gorgeous red, slinky, sexy dress with a twist. The shoulder arrangement is just beautiful and incredibly different as well, not too bridal. Uber glamorous.

Reese Witherspoon in Vintage Dior 2006
The year Reese won her Oscar she wore this beautiful vintage dress, very bridal but not too much. I just think it is incredibly beautiful and just sigh worthy. I love the simple accessorises, it doesn't need too much, and very simple hair as well. Just plain pretty.

What's your favourite Oscar dress?

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