28 February 2014

The Comparison | Hyper Gel v Gelly Hi-Shine

There is so much hype around gel effect nail varnishes when they launch. If you get the real thing done it lasts for a good couple of weeks, the finish is glossy and smooth, consistent and really just plain gorgeous. However, from my experience, it's not a quick process to apply or remove so I can see why we all get so excited about these. Quick with the same finish, maybe not quite so long lasting, but the idea is there.

The two I've had experience with are Models Own new offering Hyper Gel collection and Barry M's long time favourite Gelly HI-Shine Nail Paint. Both of which I love so I thought it would be interesting to do a quick comparison. 

I found the Barry M polish to be a thicker formula than the Models Own version, meaning it took less coats to create a consistent colour and coverage. Point 1 to Barry M. However, finish is highly favourable to Models Own, it's a very glossy finish that shines and is incredibly smooth to the touch. It's a very close match to the real thing. Point to Models Own. Longevity is again in favour of Models Own - it lasts a good five days without chipping whereas Barry M's version is probably 3/4 days max. Colour choice I am going more towards Barry M - they have more colours that I would definitely go for, Models Own is more limited and not quite my sort of colours. 

Overall I would still pick the Models Own version - the quality is greated for me in terms of longevity and finish. I'm hoping they will bring out more colours that are a bit more "me" but until then I am more than happy to make do with what they currently have. Models Own is £5 and Barry M is £3.99, so really not too much difference in price.

Which do you prefer?



  1. Great comparison - I'd heard the formula of Barry M was better! xx

  2. The Models Own Hyper Gel polishes look great, very glossy and their colour selection is good too. I really need to get a few colours


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