8 February 2014

The Mani | Models Own HyperGel

L - R: Cerise Shine, Cornflower Cream, Naked Glow, Coral Glaze, Turqoise Gloss. £5  each

These have been making the rounds lately. Models Own are a nail brand that everyone seems to rave about all the time. I've always been a bit underwhelmed to be honest. I love Utopia, but otherwise what I've got I've not been too in love with. However, I do love a good "gel nail" gimick so when they had their 50% off I had to snap some up. I also got the pastel collection but they are for another day...

So, the hyper gel collection is a bit like the Barry M Hi Shine Gel collection - you get the gellish affect without the UV light and all the hassle. Well, you know me, I'm lazy as so anything that takes hassle away is my baby!. In terms of colour choice I wasn't too blown away - I'd love to see some more pastels for summer and darker tones for autumn. The 5 I got were the best of what I would use. My favourite is definitely Cornflower Cream - you know me I love my blues. They only need a couple of coats, the colour is really vivid and they finish with a gorgeous smooth shine to them. They feel like gellish nails which is great.

Longevity is great also - I've had mine on for four days and no chipping - and I work with copiers so they are usually hacked to bits by now. I'm thoroughly impressed and will definitely want to pick some more of these up (if they bring out more colours). I would highly recommend!

What gel nails would you recommend?



  1. These all look so pretty. I have to say this is one of Models Own's best releases. The colours are subtle but pretty. They're glossy and it sounds like they are good quality

  2. I would love to try the Turquoise Gloss, a gorgeous colour for the summer :-)

  3. Love them all! My favourite is the coral!

  4. Cornflower Cream is definitely the nicest shade, I love my blues too! xx


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