17 February 2014

The How To | Reducing Blemishes


Combating breakouts is one thing, but those really annoying and painful blemishes are a whole other story. I've always struggled with aways to get rid of them, or even just to reduce the appearance, swelling and pain. You may know I've been overhauling my skin care somewhat these past few weeks and through this I've found a nifty little way of helping to sort this out. 

It's so easy and just involves two little products and two steps. So you can't really go wrong!

Grab a cotton bud. Soak one end of it with your Lush Tea Tree Toner Water. Rub over in inflamed area. This product contains antibacterial properties so it cleans the area like nothing else and keeps it clean and free of dirt. I've found this helps reduce soreness and redness.

Take a squidge of Origins Super Spot Remover and put on the inflamed area with a clean finger. Rub in. I've found this dries the area out reducing the swelling. It gives a little gel overlay on the top of the blemish so also protects it from any nasties trying to find their way back in.

I've found this way is amazing at reducing the appearance of your blemish. You do still need to moisturise otherwise the Origins gel will dry the area so just follow your usual skin care routine. After a couple of days said blemish is history! I'd love to know if you try this and if it works, or if it's just me going mad!

What's your blemish busting routine?

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