20 February 2014

The Review | Urban Decay Naked 3


I caved to the hype and bought this at the beginning of January. It's the first ever Urban Decay product I've bought and I have to say, I'm hooked. You've probably seen a mission of reviews singing this palettes praises so I won't bore you with a whole load of gushing.

For me, this is the perfect palette. It's the right balance of natural and girly. I love pairing shades of this together, the paler across my lid and the darker shaded into my outer corner and crease to create smokey tones. I love mixing Burnout and Buzz for my every day look - it's a subtle change but Buzz is just enough for contouring the eyelid. For a darker look I love pairing Liar and Mugshot together - the perfect combo indeedy.

The colours are long lasting, don't crease and buttery soft, so easy to apply. In terms of the brush, I only use the crease side of it. I use my RT base shadow brush for the base than the crease end of the Naked 3 brush for the outer corner and crease shading. It works perfectly together. I will definitely be doing a "The Face" post based on this - I've tried a couple of times but just not been happy with the pics so this is still upcoming I promise!

In terms of price, yes it is £37, but honestly it's worth every penny. I use this everyday and it doesn't look like I've made a dent. There are enough colours here to keep it varied and interesting and it's honestly such good quality.

Have you tried the Naked 3 palette?


  1. I feel like the only blogger who doesn't own a naked palette! I wouldn't know which one to go for, maybe i'll buy all 3!! x

    1. Haha i felt the same - all left out, hence the buy opps! I love this one, I wasn't too bothered about the others as there are so many dupes of it now, but none of this :)
      Lisa xx

  2. I've just entered a competition to win one of these lovely palettes, fingers crossed! x
    Moonstone & May


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