22 February 2014

The Haul | £20 in Boots

I had like, £25 worth of Boots points on my cards, so when make up goes 3 for 2 it would just be rude not to abuse it. Right? Well, abuse I did and I got 6 products for under £20. I'm so excited I wanted to pop them up ASAP for you guys to see... So asap I bought them this morning, and I'm posting now. Hello real time blogging! Because I was budgetting myself I wanted to stick with some brands I don't usually head for, such as Collection, Seventeen and Rimmel (sorry Rimmel). So what did I buy?

I've recently got a Bourjois loose powder and love it, so I thought I'd give this a go. Kat from Jemima and Ted always used to rave about it to me so it comes highly recommended and let's face it, at just under £3 how on earth could you say no to this?

Yeah, I'm sure you've seen this doing the rounds in the blogging world at the moment. This was the last one left in my Boots so I snapped it up and didn't let it go. I love the colours in this and it comes highly recommended from Lily Pebbles, so I'm not going to brush that off so easily!

Yes, £3.99 for an eyeshadow palette. Bargain! I love the shades here, more nudes (opps). I was very tempted by the purple palette, but I don't wear purple so it seemed a bit of a waste. I cannot wait to try this out and rave about it (hopefully). I may be heading back for the purple one after all!

The reason I got this was because the colour really reminds me of Plumful from Mac, one of my fave lipsticks so I really wanted to see if this compared as closely as I'd hoped. Dupe on the way I'm thinking! Plus you know me, I had to get a lipstick in there somewhere...

I need a new mascara and everyone raves about Rimmels so that was my first point of call for one. I was tempted by Scandaleyes but I loved the blue of this packaging, plus it's waterproof which I always go for so it was a win win for me. So far I am liking it... To be continued...!

I'm getting into my contouring lately which means I need a good highlighter, I've ummed and aahed about getting this for a while so I snapped it up pretty sharpish when I went in today. After seeing Lily Pebbles tutorial on highlighting with Touche Eclat I'm definitely going to be applying that to this product.

What will you be buying in Boots 3 for 2?


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  1. The Collection palette looks lovely and is such a bargain! Maybe I'll be able to get my hands on it at some point in a swap.
    Celina | The Celution | Bloglovin’


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