18 February 2014

The Review | Pond's Eye Contour Cream


Something I've really wanted to focus on sorting this year is getting rid of those horrible black bags under my eyes. Concealer only does so much, but really I need a good eye cream that helps brighten the under eye. I was very kindly sent this so I knew exactly where I was going to start.

I apply this every evening under my eyes with clean fingers and work in. It's really quick to absorb and very nourishing. I pop it on in the evening to give it time to work overnight. After a couple of weeks I have definitely noticed a difference. My eyes look a bit brighter, not so dull and they definitely feel more nourished. 

This is definitely my eye cream of choice at the moment - I don't feel the need to pop out and buy another to try out so this is definitely one I'm going to carry on using it and I'd definitely recommend if you need something to brighten the eye area.

What eye creams are your using at the moment?

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  1. Ahh, ive literally just bought a couple of eye creams online, wish I had read this first! My dark eye circles are getting worse and worse so I'm just getting a bit desperate now, I might give this a whirl if you've noticed a difference so quickly! Xx



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