12 February 2014

The How To | In Shower Moisture

This is basically the lazy girl guide of how to keep your skin nice and healthy and moisturised with minimal effort. Basically, right up my street! There are three main products I use to help achieve this - I don't use all three everytime I take a shower, but I do use them for different things. There is also definitely a spree, spend and save for this as well.

I got this in the duty free when I was looking to spend the rest of my euros somewhere and this happened to be sat there. I use this very sparsly because it is quite pricey and very very luxurious. I've been usng it a lot over winter mainly because my skin is getting so dry, but this I use a lot on places like knees and elbows - those areas that get extra dry all year round. A little bit goes a long way with this. It lathers slightly on application in the shower and is warm as well so very relaxing. My skin always feels super soft after this and I only have to use this about once a week to keep it up.

This I have repurchased so many times and I love it. I use this as my shaving cream because it is so nourishing. I used to get very bad shaving rash and no creams seemed to help, but apply this over my legs, then shave and rinse. Absolutely perfect and my legs feel super soft and smooth. I use this whenever I want to shave my legs so about once a week as well. This goes very quickly - it's easy to use a lot of this and over indulge.

Fairly new on the market and a very quick favourite. I use this every single time I shower. It's basically conditioner for your skin. You shower and clean as normal - so shower gel, rinse etc. Then you put this on all over the body, then leave it for a minute or so, like conditioner. Then you just rinse. It feels like a moisturiser to it's a bit weird using it in the shower and rinsing it off - feels a bit wrong! However, it does the job and it does it well so you really don't need to then moisturise when you get out. Magic!

If you do get very dry skin then you probably still need to moisturise when you get out of the shower, and a lot more then me I imagine, but these product still do a lot of the work for you. I'm very lucky and don't tend to have very dry skin, it's very normal I'd say so this routine works for me, just remember all skin is different so it may not work quite the same way for you.

What's your lazy moisture routine?

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