21 February 2014

The Life Post | Laser Hair Removal with Sk:n

Let's face it girls - we've all had hair in unwanted places. I know mine lives on my face (thanks for the anonymous comments of "tash" btw internet trolls). I've done all the usual tricks like bleach, wax, shave but one thing I've always shied away from is laser hair removal. For me I think there is definitely a scare factor there and also a worry of price. However, recently I've found a company that is definitely making me reconsider.

Sk:n do a whole range of treatments, ranging from acne scar removal, microdermabrasion to laser tattoo removal. They also have laser hair removal clinics all around the UK at incredibly reasonable prices - hence my reinvented interesting in potentially getting this done. It seems like the process is so fuss free as well - pop in for a consultation and you go from there - you even get a reward treatment at the end of your cycle (who doesn't love a reward?!).

From what research I've done, laser hair removal costs can reach up to nearly £200, depending on the area you're looking at. I've looked up a couple of quotes for where I'd get it done (upper lip, chin, cheeks - gotta love whiskers) a while ago and I was looking at around that mark per area (eek). However, looking at Sk:n it would cost around £72 each for upper lip and check, and another £82 for the chin. Considerably cheaper than what I'd been quoted before. If it wasn't for the house saving I'd be marching myself down to my local clinic right now! You can see their full breakdown of costs here.

Sk:n have some great articles on their blog about all their treatments, including laser hair removal so I'd encourage you look here. A couple I recommend would be "Waxing, Laser, Rock Blades... Which do you use" and "What is werewolf syndrome?" - a fascinating case study on a genital condition encouraging excess bodily hair growth.

Please remember, if you are interested in this kind of treatment, that it is a medical procedure - which means there could potentially be risks, hence the consultation before hand. Safety first everyone - I'd wave my safety flag if I had one!

Have you ever had laser hair removal? What are you tips?
This post is written in association with Sk:n*


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