6 February 2014

The Comparison | Maybelline Baby Skin v

The new primer on the block has been likened to the beloved Porefessional many many times since it's introduction into the UK and I'm not surprised. As someone who loves Porefessional and finds it pretty much the only primer that will really do anything I was definitely interested in snapping up this cheaper version. So how does it actually marry up?

Porefessional is a skin toned matte-eque primer, it absorbs straight into the skin and smooths it. Baby Skin is a clear gel like formula, that again smooths the skin. Both do a really fab job of priming the complexion, they are both very mattifying so definitely get a thumbs up from me. One of the things I love about Porefessional is how mattifying it is and how it keeps my make up from looking too shiny throughout the day. Baby Skin does a very similar job however it just doesn't last quite as long as Porefessional.

Price wise Baby Skin wins this hands down for me - Porefessional is very pricey, I haven't actually ever bought a full version as I have so many little sample versions around and they last for a good little while. I'm sure I will cave soon and buy myself the full version, but Baby Skin has a much more attractive price tag, under a tenner, with Porefessional over twenty. 

The main difference for me is the affect it has on my skin. Porefessional I can wear again and again and it makes no difference to my skin. However Baby Skin really doesn't get on with mine. It just makes me break out something awful and I've had to put it aside for now. It's really annoying as otherwise it's almost as good as Porefessional. Otherwise the only real difference is how long it keeps the shine at bay throughout the day. 

I would still encourage you to try it if you really like Porefessional. Your skin might not react the same way as mine and if not then you've found yourself the perfect dupe.

Which of these do you prefer? 

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  1. I love Benefit Porefessional & despite its quite expensive price tag think it os well worth it. I have read quite a few negative reviews of baby skin & have to say I will be staying clear.
    I like this post & seeing them compared, I will be sticking to Benefit all the way


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