27 February 2014

The Review | Lush Tea Tree Toner Water


I was always so meh about toners, but I caved and finally bought this one. When Kate from gh0stparties recommends something I can't just ignore it - it's like saying no to free chocolate. I bought myself the smaller 100g version so I could give it a try without buying the full version. That is one thing I really like about Lush, there are always smaller versions to buy and try first - if you like it buy the larger version, if you dont - no harm no foul.

So onto the product. To begin with I wasn't too keen on this, I sprayed and didn't rub it in or pat it in, therefore the toner settled and I ended up with blemishes and spots - not good. Then I realised it must be the way I was using it. Since that I've been spraying this on a large cotton pad and wiping it on my face, then in the evening I lightly (very lightly) mist it on my face and pat in. Since using this I have noticed a definite difference. My skin feels fresher, looks brighter and no so tired. I also use this as a targeted treatment. It has antibacterial properties, which is perfect for cleaning blemishes and keeping them clean and sterile. I pop this on a cotton bud and clean the area, then apply a targeted treatment. 

This has completely changed my opinion on toners, I would be completely lost without this. I will definitely be purchasing the larger sized bottle and would recommend this to anyone with oily or blemish prone skin. The antibacterial properties make sure your skin stays very clean, the tea tree brightens the skin and makes it look healthier. It's a beauty.

What toner do you swear by?

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