7 August 2014

The Review | The Body Shop Camomile Collection

So these have been worming their way into a number of bloggers hearts, so when I popped into my local Body Shop and saw there was an offer I snapped both of them up. My skin is going through some weird stages at the moment so it definitely needed it. I've been trialing these for over a month now and I have to say, I'm not sure how people are going to feel about this one... I've tried using these as a double cleanse so let's see how it goes

So instead of my usual micellar water I substituted the Camomile Silky Cleaning Oil, now I tend to stay away from oils and after using this for good reason - but we'll get to that. Basically I massage this into my face and remove all make up. It is an incredible make up remover, I will give the product that. It just cuts through the layers and really cleans the face. However, for me I find that it does irritate my eyes so I can't use it for eye make up. Also, I do have oily skin and this just seems to exacerbate that. Not good and really it's just made my skin worse. So yeah, not great. Anywho, after the oil I've been using the Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter. I was really excited to use this and yeah, it went the way of disappointment. I found this so greasy to apply and it was just really cringy to use. My face did look lovely and clean afterwards, even glowing. But I just can't get past the greasiness.

I think if you have dry skin these products would be amazing for you. However for oilier skinned gals like me it's a good idea to stay away from these... It's such a shame as they are both great at cleaning the skin and brightening as well, unfortunately I just can't get past the oil/grease. Sad times. 

Have you tried the camomile collection?


  1. I really need to try these then as I have dry skin and like the sound of glowing moisturised faces lol! Which one would you recommend the most out of these 2 if you had to pick? xx

    1. Hi Tasha, Out of the two I would recommend the balm as it's super nourishing and definitely did more for a glowing complexion. The oil is a lot more make up removal based :)
      Thanks, L x

  2. I really want to try that cleansing balm, even though I've seen a heap of positive reviews of it a negative review I read stuck in my mind and it has stopped me from grabbing it! I have pretty dry skin typically so thinking of getting it for a lark, if I don't get on with it I can always give it to my sister I suppose.


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