27 August 2014

The Review | Benefit They're Real Push Up Eyeliner

Over the summer I have been edging more towards a smudged liner, however as the weather start to turn more chilly I've gone back to my safety net of winged liner. I usually use a liquid liner, however since I've started my daily slog to London and back I've had issues with smudging, transfer and longevity so I decided I'd try something more from the gel range. Benefit have recently released new additions to their "They're Real" range, including their Push Up Eyeliner. It's a gel eyeliner pen, the first of its kind (as far as I know) and I was definitely intrigued. Due to the price however I did decide to wait a few weeks to gauge the reviews and see if I really did need it. Well, I ended up getting it anyway.

In terms of application I had heard it took a while to get used to a this gel pen. In a way yes, but overall not really. As long as you keep squeezing the nib at the top to release any left over gel you're fine, then use it like any other liner pen. I feel a little like the line isn't quite as black and and bold as I would like it so it does need a couple of layers to be able to build that up. Touch annoying but doable. It is VERY easy to create a lovely even wing with this and I do find it very easy to match both eyes. Once you're used to it it's no problem at all and I love how it looks. It does look very clean and there's very minimal mistakes.

In terms of wear and tear I put it to the ultimate test of London commuting. I'm having some mixed results I have to be honest. Sometimes there is not problem with it, by the time I get home it's slightly faded but nothing really disastorous. Other time it's flacky and smudged. Not ideal. I have found that using eyeshadow underneath does help it stay in place and not flack, but it does still fade. It's better but still not exactly what I was hoping for. I do love it and I love the look it gives. Maybe some eyeshadow primer will help?

Have you tried this new gel liner?


  1. I keep hearing mixed opinions on this liner, think im going to have to try it for myself!
    xprincessjas | ♥

  2. I got a trial size of this recently, and after all the blogger hype around it I was expecting something INCREDIBLE. It's pretty good - but it's not my 'holy grail' liner. I don't hate it, and it's nice to use and looks good...but it's just not as amazing for me as a lot of people seem to be finding it!

    Milly // Mini Adventures

  3. such a shame about the staying power. have read of many different reviews on this one, think I will save my pennies

    La Roche-Posay Giveaway over on my blog: http://milliecbeauty.blogspot.co.uk/

  4. I've not been tempted to pick this one up, the hype around it is incredible though. Benefit sure knows how to push a product! I'm more interested in checking out the new blush thing they have out, Majorette something?


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