30 December 2012

getting the latest dresses with sleeves

I've started to feel a bit old these past few weeks... turning 23 and working with young part timers spending their student loan while I'm saving for a house - yup, definitely old! But what I always wonder is this - while I am getting older, is my fashion sense becoming slightly more conservative?

I know the boy keeps saying lately that he prefers longer skirts on me as it's a bit more ladylike (worst boy in the world - who likes long skirts?) and since hearing this I have been observing older ladies and their fashion choices. For example, they should definitely stay away from purple leggings with stripey underwear underneath - never good! And also, maybe (as the boy has been saying) stay away from the mini skirts.

Once fashion choice I am loving at the moment, on all ages, is long sleeved dresses. They are one of the most forgiving styles and universal with age. It hides a multitude of sins (wiggle wiggle bingo wings), looks elegant, classy and fashionable - even the simplest of dresses can be made stylish with a long sleeve these days! If you pop over onto this link you can get the latest dress with sleeves and see Lynda Bellingham showing off some of Isme's latest sleeve obsessions and shows you just how gorgeous they can look - no matter what your age. My favourite being the Purple Lace Dress - it's an every generation evening out dress, teamed with my glittery Choo's and it's a winner.

If I'm honest I think as you get older, you learn what suits you and what doesn't, and as the years go on what may have suited you when you were in your teens won't necessarily suit you in your twenties, or what suits you in your twenties won't suit you in your fifties. I think fashion has a learning curve with it, synchronised with age - but I don't think your style has to be stunted because of it.


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