29 June 2017

Top Tips for Moving Home

In case you hadn't realised (or don't follow me on social) I moved house! Finally. We had decided about this time last year that after we got married we'd sell our little two up two down, and upsize our living situation. So at the beginning of this year we put our house on the market, and put an offer on something a bit bigger, that was closer to our friends and family. To say it stressed me out is a bit of an understatement, but then saying that it was actually all quite smooth sailing. I just overthink things.

Anyway, I thought it would be fun to pop together a little post with my top five tips for moving house - more for the time you actually move and on the day, having just done it. I am by no means an expert, this is all just based on my experience...

1 | Pack Overtime
The best thing I did was to pack gradually and over time. There are definite pluses to this, as well as a couple of downsides. The main downside is that you feel like you're living in a house of boxes for ages, but it also means you're not running yourself ragged by the time you get to move and it becomes less stressful.

2 | Hire Movers
I cannot recommend this one enough. They made moving day so, so simple. I felt pretty useless moving out of our old house as they just came in, and within an hour had everything in a couple vans and off they went. I then gave them a call when we had the keys and they turned up, and put everything where I wanted it. We unpacked, but it was a massive help to have professionals move all the furniture and get it upstairs and so on. We used Phoenix Rising, on the South Coast, so if you're looking definitely give them a shout.

3 | Ask for Help
We had my parents, and my Grandma, help us once we got to the new house - and it made a massive difference. While I was directing the movers, my Grandma was going around dusting and cleaning, my Mum got started on unpacking the kitchen and my husband and Dad got to work reassembling furniture and doing "manly" house moving stuff. By the time everyone left us around half five, our kitchen and lounge were unpacked and set up and our bed was made, so it already felt like home and took a lot of pressure off the rest of the week.

4 | Make a To Do List
Yeah, I didn't do this and I so wish I had. When I say a to do list, I mean write a list of everything you have to update or change when you move - like energy suppliers, internet, phone, council tax and so on. We've gradually done most of it but it's been more like "oh yeah, need to do that" or "oh I forgot to do this". Be a bit more organised then us and it'll massively help.

5 | Enjoy It
Now, this sounds super weird, but I actually really enjoyed moving day. When you buy a house, you basically have to wait to hear on the day when you can pick up the keys and move in, which is a pain, so keep busy during that time. I went to my Mum and Dad's and walked the dogs with them, but the time I was done I got the call. But it's also really good fun to start unpacking and recreate your home - use it as a fresh start, move things around and have fun with them. You've worked hard for this home, so enjoy it.

I hope this helps! I did a post back in February at the beginning of the process talking about moving on from our first home, and it was easier than I thought it would be. I'm so happy with our new place, there's things we want to do to it - be prepared for home inspo posts - but it's liveable and comfortable, and already feels like home.

What's your top moving tips?

Much love, Lisa May

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