15 December 2014

The Home | Christmas Prep


So this is the first Christmas in our new home, which means hello new decorations! Was such a nice feeling to put it all together and I wanted to share a few pieces with you. We were quite adamant we wanted to choose the pieces together, however a few bits were gifts and others I picked out on the sly.

I'm so excited for Christmas this year as it's the first one we're spending together all day, and also we're having both our families here so it'll be great. I imagine we'll accumulate more Christmas stuff over the next few years and I can't wait to show you more pieces in the future and pictures from Christmas itself! If I was honest I'd love more candle bits dotted around - however I have a feeling lit candles + exploring kittens may not be the way to go...

Robin - Next
Reindeer - Boofle (Clintons)
Gold tree - Homebase
Stockings - Homemade
Red and gold bauble - Homebase
Mice - passed down through family
White tree - Homebase
Cats - all real
Gingerbread Man - Accessorize
Christmoose Sign - Next

How will you be spending Christmas?

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