6 March 2017

Mozzarella meatball mash up

I’d never been much of a meatball fan, but then I tried this recipe and I was officially converted. I’m not a huge fan of meatballs, I don’t really like tomatoes, and I’m a bit iffy on pure mozzarella. Put them together though and oh, my, god. This recipe was originally taken from one on The Londoner’s, but I’ve modified it a little bit to make it more us, and a bit of an easier after work meal. This is actually my husband’s favourite meal, so when I decided I needed to eat a little bit healthier he was a bit worried this would disappear. However, while he gets his meatballs with tagliatelli, I throw mine over a bed of spinach. I mean yeah, there’s a lot of cheese, but surely it’s balanced out with the spinach. Right?

Anywho, enough rambling, let’s get onto the yumminess.

Fridge Fillers
Ready-made fresh meatballs (I used 12 10% fat ones from Sainsbury’s)
1 pot of arriabatta sauce
Cubed chorizo
Sprinkle of mild chilli powder
Sprinkle of garlic flakes
Fresh mozzarella
Grated mozzarella

Throw it all together

Well, kinda. If you’re putting it with pasta, start to boil a pot of water on the hob, keep an eye as one it’s boiled throw your pasta in. Also, preheat your grill.

While the water is boiling, take a frying pan (without a metal handle – you’ll trust me later), put a dash of oil and then start frying off your meatballs until they’re all coloured and cooked through. 

Once this is done, take them out of the frying pan and set aside.

Sprinkle your chilli powder and garlic in the pan, still on a medium heat, and also put in your cubed chorizo and cook together. Once this is all done, pour in your sauce. You can add a dash of red wine if you wish as well at this point.

Once it’s all warmed through, put your meatballs back in and coat in the sauce, try and separate them our evenly. Then take your mozzarella ball and start tearing it into pieces and put in into your frying pan in between the meatballs. Turn the heat off, and sprinkle the whole mix with grated mozzarella. I then dust with oregano, and then put under the grill for around 10 minutes.

Once it’s all cooked, dish out your pasta, or spinach into pasta bowls. Then take your frying pan out of the oven – this is where you thank me it’s not a metal handle, but please still wear oven gloves. 

Then dish out into the bowls!

You then have your incredibly yummy, quick and easy, supremely stringy meatball dish. It’s a total winner, the perfect balance of spice with pasta and the mildness of mozzarella. I dare you to try it out, go on. And don’t forget to send me a pic!

Much love, Lisa May

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