16 March 2017

Scents to Spring into

Oh yeah, I did a clever cheesy pun title. Go me! Spring is apparently on its way, so I wanted to share with you my favourites scents that I'm taking into the (slightly) warmer months with me. It's only been the past year or so that I've really got into perfumes and fragrances. It's safe to say that rewind 12 months and I just picked up whatever Daisy variation I felt like on the day. 

However, I'm a grown up now. Which to me means I actually put perfume on every day, and I actually think carefully about what one I feel like before I do. Oh yeah, get me a arm chair, I'm older. And they're just comfy. Anyway, let's run through my top 3 spring scents.

Now, this is where you discover how bad I am at describing scents... 

I did have to include a Daisy variation in here somewhere, and for me I'm a total lover of Daisy Dream. Not the forever one, or the new pink one (although I do need to test it), the original one. This one is very light, it's very floral - probably the most floral of my picks - but also a little fruity. It's a great every day one, I do find it doesn't last as long as my other two picks, but it is also the cheapest of the two. It's nice for a quick pick me up and it's one that puts you in a good mood. I'd say this is definitely a scent that's going to make you feel girly.

I feel like this is a proper grown up perfume. Chanel is a grown up brand. Wake me when I'm wearing No5 and I'll know I'm an adult. Anyway, I wear this fragrance a lot for work (weird I know) because it feels more sophisticated than my other two. As the name suggests, it's a very fresh fragrance with a touch of spice or something like that to it. The freshness and zestiness has a definite Spring vibe to it, so I feel like I'll be rocking this non stop over the next few months. This is unless it runs out, which considering I've had it since December and I'm half way through, shows it probably will. This is probably my most worn fragrance ever, I love it and it just gives you a spring in your step. No pun intended.

Oh yeah, my wedding scent. I love this because it's a very soft floral fragrance. When you smell Daisy Dream you know it's got a whole bunch of floral goodness inside, but with this one it's very soft and delicate. It also has a crispness to it, which you get from the top note of red apple so makes it perfect for Spring. It's such a delicate fragrance, with a little bit of sophistication and a little bit of something something. It's just such a soft scent, not like something I've had before, and it lasts so long as well, it really stays with you. Pricier, yes absolutely, but it's definitely worth the price tag. Especially if you get the body cream with it.

I'd love to hear your favourite spring fragrances, let me know if you have any recommendations!

Much love, Lisa May

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  1. Chance Chanel is really a great perfume especially the EDP version. This perfume is really long lasting and the notes of this perfume are really amazing. Thanks for sharing this 3 fragrance review.


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