1 March 2017

My Sentimental Pandora Charms

I always think the best gift is something that has a meaning behind it, a small feeling between two people that they'll both appreciate it. It could be a film, a print, photo, or even a piece of clothing. But for me, something that I've always loved getting is charms that mean something. That resonate with some point in my life and bring back a memory. Enter, Pandora. I think this post also comes in handy right about now with Mother's Day approaching in the UK. But today I wanted to share with you some of my favourite charms, and the meaning behind them.

Now, I actually have two bracelets. One is the bangle which I was kindly given this Christmas, and the other is one of their brown leather double bracelets which was very, very kindly given to me one birthday by my oldest friend Beth (aka, prettiest girl in the world). So from the go, my first bracelet (the leather one) meant so much to me. Even without a charm on it, it held a special place in my heart.

But let's break down into the charms themselves... And I apologise now if they're not still available.

Quite topical, but one of my all time favourites is this one. My Mum and I picked it up when we were in New York for her 50th birthday, so it brings back so many special memories. But it's also so nice to just have a nice little reminder of her on my wrist at all times. It's a 2-in-1 charm, so you get half and your Mum get half to wear on your own bracelets. It's really very sweet, and it always makes me smile.

Apologies, as this one is discontinued, but it's probably my favourite ever Christmas charm that they've released. It's super cute, and was given to me as a birthday present from my older brother one year. I'm not sure why it meant so much to me at the time, but I remember going to visit him in Cardiff the weekend after my birthday and being given this, and it just melted my heart a little. He also gave one to my Mum, so it was another tie to her, and just gave me that Christmas family feeling.

Another discontinued one, but they do have alternatives if you're interested. This was given to my by my parents in law, before they came official in laws. My mother-in-law is a massive fan of owls, and for me it's always been a symbol of their family. And I don't know if it was meant to be, but them giving me this owl charm made me feel like I was officially part of the family, before rings and vows and such. It's incredibly cute, and just signifies a big moment for me.

I actually bought this as a birthday present for my best friend Amber a few years ago, which is why I love it. It just reminds me of those best friend necklaces you used to get when you were younger and shared it with your BFF. But this is so cute, first of all it has a butterfly so it was always going to win me over, and it's also quite subtle. Again, you get half and your friend gets the other, and it's just a constant reminder of the other. You can still get this one as well - yay!

Now, this is the only charm to ever have been purchased for me by my husband. It was a Valentines presenter about 3/4 years ago, and it's just ever so pretty. There are so many different heart charms available for a V-Day, anniversary or birthday, but I just thought this one was simple, wallet friendly and just plain awesome. It's not my favourite charm, but it means something to me as it is the only one I have from him.

I got this Christmas before last from my Mum, and essentially it's in memory of our cat George, who was Fred's twin brother but unfortunately got run over 7 months after we picked them up. It was also meant to be an ode to Fred as well, so it's a lovely little memory of George, but also a cute little pick me up about Fred. It's very cute, and very simple. I love the little paw prints on one side and the text on the other. It's a very subtle link to a pet without coming across as too crazy cat lady...

I have so many of my charms that I love, but when I went through them all these were the ones that stood out to me as having pure memories, and pure sentiments. If you are looking for your Mum, they have some beautiful Mother's Day charms available so I'd definitely check it out (no - this post is not sponsored). But I'd also love to know what your favourite charms are...

Much love, Lisa May

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