15 April 2019

The Brunch Diaries: The Salt Cafe

If you live in the area, I'm sure The Salt Cafe isn't exactly new to you. It's blown up in popularity since it's launch, and has continued to grow and grow. However, I had to include it as part of the Brunch Diaries as it is one of my favourite places to go.

The Salt Café is located in the marina in Portchester, just outside of Portsmouth, and is a really quaint popular place to go and sit and have a cup of tea and cake, or have brunch/lunch on the shore. There's also a very cute little shop located in the newest section of the café. There isn't a huge menu, however what's on there is good and tasty, and they accommodate vegetarians and vegans as well so all are catered for. You can either sit inside on a chillier day, or in the warmer months you can grab a seat on a table on the jetty - if you can find room! It's a beautiful setting, very relaxed and the food is definitely a winner.
My personal favourite? Their crushed avocado, with crispy bacon feta and chilli oil on toasted sourdough bread. You can also add a poached egg if you fancy (not needed in my opinion but depends how hungry you are), but it looks amazing and tastes even better. They also do a vegan version of this.

It's the perfect place to go for a lazy Sunday brunch, it's got a very chilled vibe, it's very leisurely and you can take your time. You can then also browse the shop - which has some awesome cards by the way - chill by the shore, or if you're feeling adventurous rent a  paddle board or canoe from The Paddle Shop, located in the shop. I highly recommend it, and can see why it's become such a popular hot spot.
Some tips from me if you fancy going:
  • Think about your timing before you go as it can get fairly busy, especially in the summer. We tend to go before the lunch time rush - if you Google it you can see the best times to go.
  • Because it gets busy, the turnaround on food isn't the quickest - it's great for a leisurely Sunday morning, but if you're really hungry grab a cake while you wait!
  • You can take your dogs, which I love, and there are certain areas that are dog free if you're not a huge fan of them. My parents tend to walk their dogs down Wicor Rec, and then go to the café with them for lunch after.
  • If you can, walk down. Parking is with the marina, so it tends to be fairly busy. But if you walk along the coastline it's absolutely beautiful.
Where's your favourite brunch spot?

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