1 April 2019

ZoellaxColourpop Collab: My Top 3 Picks

Whenever a big collab, or collection comes out there's always a rush of people wanting to try absolutely everything, or wanting to know exactly what's worth the hype. The truth is, you're not going to get a true reflection on what's worth it straight away. However, I'm exactly the same - somehow I ended up buying the entire collection from Zoella's recent collab with Colourpop, but I have to say... Not all products were worth the rush.

As a general rule, I'm a HUGE fan of Colourpop. I discovered them last year, and since then I've placed regular orders so I can test different formulas and products. And I've always been a fan of Zoella, so when I heard the two were collaborating I knew I needed to get my hands on some bits and pieces. I tried and tested (you can see the full video here), but there were three products that really stood out for me, and that I'd recommend over all others.
Up until this collab, I hadn't tried any of their pressed powder face products. I was really impressed with the formula of both the blush and the Swipe Right highlighter. But - I hated the pink cast that was left by the highlighter. The blush on the other hand though is the perfect peachy pink. It's very subtle, but buildable, and very natural. The colour is so pretty, I've been reaching for it on a near daily basis and it blends beautifully and lasts really well. So far, this is my most worn out of the collection (with one exception which we'll come to shortly).
Now this formula I had tried, and already knew I really enjoyed. But these shades with this formula are 100% to die for. I love both shades - they look similar in the tubes but they have definite differences. OG is much more of a glitter topper I would say, and is how I've been using it. It just adds a little something extra and make your look extra glam. It's very pretty, and very easy to work with. If you like glitter but hate working with glitter glue or loose glitters, then this formula is ideal. Bellini is probably my favourite of the two. You can use it on it's own, and it's a beautiful rose gold metallic shade. I've used this as a base shadow, blend it in and it's gorgeous - and also as an eyeliner and it looked stunning. The formula of these liquid shadows is very easy to work with, blendable, and also lasts really well. There's no creasing, and it's affordable. I definitely want to pick up more shades in this formula.
I've fallen head over heels for their Lippie Pencils. I already knew I liked the formula of the Ultra Matte Lips, and these didn't disappoint. The colours are stunning, and I don't think I could pick a favourite. I've probably worn the Little One the most, with regards to both the liquid lip and the pencil, but they're all stunning. The lippie pencils however are on another level. I've never used such creamy pencils, that last like a dream. Usually I find creamy pencils wear off very quickly, or bleed and I can't get on with them. But these are the ultimate, I want them in every single flipping shade. The Little One Lippie Pencil is definitely my most worn in the whole collection, it already needs sharpening. But I also love Bossy - which is an existing shade from Colourpop, just repackaging for this collection. I do like Oh Snap, but for me it didn't match the liquid lip shade it came with, and it's very similar to other pink nudes I have anyway so it didn't stand out as much for me personally. But the formulas... Dream!
The collection is good, there's some pieces I could take or leave - and some I do really enjoy. But for me, these three stood out about all the others - and I'd highly recommend them for any collection.
What's your favourite from the collection? Or which product would you be most interested in buying?

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