14 May 2019

The Style Diaries | Spring '19 Trends - The Midi Length

I spent half a day swapping over my Winter wardrobe for my Spring items, and I feel like I'm vibing off my wardrobes so much more now. But as I was looking through my current wardrobe, and then did a little (a lot) of online browsing, I found some definite trends that were reoccurring across different high street brands, and my favourite style influencers, so I thought I would pop together a series of posts on my favourite trends, how I'd style them and where you can find the best pieces (in my opinion).

Something that I'm enjoying about a lot of the Spring trends is that it's pieces I would keep for years, and wear for a variety of seasons - which is perfect if you're looking to reduce on your fast fashion purchases. If I'm honest, it's how I shop anyway - I really begrudge buying anything I think it just for a trend, I will only purchase if I think I'm going to get a lot of wear out of it for a really long time.

I was originally going to do this all in one post - but it literally would have been the longest post in the world. So instead I'm going to do a post on each style, accompanied by a video showing you three ways I would style it. If you don't want to miss those make sure you're subscribed to my channel here.
So let's start with probably my favourite trend of all time, ever. The "midi" length.

I have a very standard Spring wardrobe, and at the centre of it is anything midi length. I find the length so comfortable and flattering for me. Where I have a bigger bottom half, anything mini just looks indecent, but midi length looks effortless and I think a lot more stylish. I also love that most midi skirts come up high waist and cinch in the waist so they're very flattering. They're feminine, but they can be styled to make them more edgy.

A midi skirt can be worn most of the year round - in Spring and Autumn with a tshirt or jumper, jacket and boots, and in Summer with a vest or body. You could even warm it up for winter with some tights and jumpers. It's a really versatile trend, which I love.
How I'd Style It:
If you go for a midi dress this is fairly simple because you already have most of your outfit. Depending on the dress, I would throw on a belt, either my denim or leather jacket and some converse. 
However a midi skirt can be done a couple different ways. I personally love to team it with a t-shirt (a boxy or loose one) tucked in, some converse and a leather jacket. If you're going somewhere a little nicer? Throw on some heeled ankle boots, or a sandal. If you're a bit braver, and have a bit more of a waist than me, you can get away with a cropped cami, or a body. Midi skirts are incredibly easy to style and wear.

Who does it well?
For me there's a couple who I think deserve the crown of Queens of midi - and that's Maria J, Kate La Vie and Hannah Gale. Kate got me into it in the first place, but Hannah and Maria just drive it home. I love that Hannah shows you don't have to be stick thin to pull off this trend, and she styles it perfectly for her body type and shape - just a normal girl! And Maria, just her overall style makes me swoon. They make them look feminine, and casual but always so styled. I also love how Suzie from HelloOctober styles them, making them a little edgier with a graphic tshirt, or a leather jacket (like me).
What's your favourite five?
There's a lot of amazing pieces this year, but I think Zara is hitting it out the park with this style in general. I've popped my favourites below with links as well.
Not going to lie, I am wearing a midi dress as I write this. It's honestly one of my favourite trends of all time and I will be wearing these pieces for a long time into the future.
What's your favourite Spring trend right now? 


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