20 June 2019

THE BRUNCH DIARIES: Josie's in Bishop's Waltham

I've been debating about reviewing Josie's in my little brunch diaries series. Mainly because it's already popular, and I don't want other people to know about it because I always want a seat. It is my favourite brunch place, mainly for the pancakes. It's usually our stop on the way to a day at Marwell Zoo and it's amazing.


Bishops Waltham is a really small village near us, and my husband grew up in that area. It's very quant with some cute local shops dotted around. It also has a Costa, but don't talk to the locals about that - it was not a popular addition. Josie's on the other hand is always full. We've always managed to nab a table, the two of us, but it's always busy for brunch. And with good reason.
It's a very cute little brunch stop, with a load of cakes and wine on display (don't drink wine for brunch kids), and a range of different coffees and drinks. The food menu has a really good range for everyone, from sandwiches, to traditional brunch choices to more unconventional options like buttermilk chicken version of eggs benedict. Haven't been brave enough to try that one yet. My usual brunch choice wherever I go - eggs benedict - was very tasty, and Adam enjoyed his full English.

However, the main reason I love Josie's has to be their pancakes. I've had three different versions so far... The seasonal fruit one, American breakfast version and their special white chocolate and raspberry version. You can choose to have 1-3 stacks - if you're sharing go 2, if it's just you stick to 1. They are unlike any other pancakes I've ever had, incredibly thick but light and fluffy and full of flavour. I also love that their stacks come with an ice cream cone in the middle. So incredibly cute, and instagrammable. I would honestly go there just for the pancakes, no lie.
It's also really reasonable - sometimes brunch places can get a little bit silly with their pricing as the brunch trend increases - but Josie's stays reasonable and affordable. It's very much worth the money, and a highly recommended spot if you're in the area.
Just don't steal my seat.
Much love, Lisa May x

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