17 June 2019

THE LIFE DIARIES | Marwell Zoo's Brick-o-Saurs Event

Anyone who knows me, knows I love the zoo. I always have, and whenever we go anywhere new, chances are I'm going to drag that person to the zoo with me. Adam even took me to the zoo in London on the day he proposed. We actually live near a great zoo, and we usually go every year on my birthday and that's our annual visit. However, my in-laws very kindly got us an annual pass, so we've been visiting a lot more - and were incredibly excited when Marwell Zoo also launched their brick-o-saurs event.


Just to give you some context of our excitement - my dining room is full of Lego, it was 50% of what Adam received for his birthday and Christmas last year. Zoos + Lego = very excited us. So a few weeks ago, we headed down to take a wander around my forever happy place, and also gaze upon the new additions.
For those who don't know - Marwell Zoo is on the south coast, it's not huge but it's not super small, and they have a huge range of animals from large cats, to birds, lemurs, zebras, hippos and more. My personal favourite are the snow leopards, Adam has a thing for the okapis - which remind me, we need to go back soon and see the baby one.
It is honestly my happy place. When I go there I just feel so much better, no matter what else is happening. I have memories of going when I was a child, and so many memories now of going with Adam. I don't think I'll ever be able to fully convey how much I love the place.

Anyway, after going to our favourite spot for brunch on the way, Josie's in Bishops Waltham (review later this week), we headed in, picked up our brick-o-saurs map, and wandered around. Marwell is my happy place, so I always had a good time wandering around and I absolutely love it - but the addition of the Brick-o-Saurs is something very special. We were fascinated by them, the detail, the intracacy and the nod to different animals around the park in their colourings. I loved the triceratops opposite the giraffe enclosure, the snow leopard inspired velocoraptor by the meerkats, and the huge t-rex in front of the main house. You go around, tick your brick-o-saurs off the list, and see some amazing creatures at the same time. What isn't to love?

Also, if you have little ones - up by the main house they have an area where they can go and build their own creatures as well. Adam was disappointed he couldn't pass as a child. I am surprised they weren't selling any Lego, or brick, sets in the gift shop though I have to say. I was fully expecting to come home with a range and have to find somewhere else in my house to host this new collection of Lego builds. Definitely think they're missing a trick with that. But I have to say - we loved it. I wasn't sure if it was more for kids, but as an adult (in body), I really enjoyed it. It was fascinating and I loved the mix of the two worlds.
They are also releasing some new brick-o-saurs in July, so I would highly recommend taking a trip to Marwell and having a look around. It's well worth it. We're already planning a full family day out to find the new additions and also find the baby okapi.
Much love, Lisa May x

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