10 June 2019

THE LIFE DIARIES: A New Southsea Hangout

I always feel like I'm finding new gems in Southsea. I live outside of Portsmouth, so don't usually find myself wondering around and exploring - however, when I try somewhere new down there I'm generally in for a good surprise. So when I asked to head down the Scarlet Tap, a new bar in Palmerston Road, to try their menu, I picked up my bag and went exploring. I also took some of the fam with me.

Scarlet Tap has replaced The Slug and Lettuce (for the better), and is a really cool spot. I was intrigued by the event, as they had their menu as a lucky dip for the night. On entering you pick your meal out of a bucket - and that's what you're having. I loved this concept, and would definitely suggest them doing this on other evening or events as it was really fun. Also, it took the stress out of decided what to pick from their menu.
The bar itself is really cool - the decorations and funky, bright and modern, but not overwhelming. It's set out really nicely, with a main bar area, seating all around - and then when it got a bit later they cleared the tables away from the back area and a DJ and dance floor took over. I really liked the vibe, the atmosphere and the decoration, it was really cool.

Behind the bar, you have a lot of options. My dad was personally very impressed with their selection of beer - so much so he went a picture to my older brother who is also a big beer fan. I personally was impressed by their selection of cocktails (Mum raved about the margharita and she is a expert of the subject) and their huge gin selection. They even had my favourite, Mare, which you don't get in a lot of places. So yeah, drinks selection was definitely a success. I wasn't actually drinking because I was on the wheels, but I can personally recommend the virgin mojito's. There's a good choice for those who don't drink which I liked as well. It's always harder when you're the driver!

Now onto the food. As I said, I loved the concept of just doing it as a pot luck, it takes away so much stress but this isn't necessarily the norm. But we each had a different meal, and we all had great things to say. I was super lucky and got the Wagu burger which had brie and bacon in it (omg) with sweet potato fries, we also had fish finger sandwiches, club sandwiches and a bbq beef wrap. What I loved is that if you had some sort of sandwich you could choose to have it as a bap, or a wrap, and three choices of fries. So there's a great selection which is always nice. Dessert also looked amazing, and you could get three mini desserts for just £9 I believe it was, which I loved the idea of.

Overall - we were impressed! Southsea is always fun to go to, and I would definitely head back to the Scarlet Tap and recommend it to others. Atmosphere is good, drinks are good, food is good. What else could you ask for?

*Disclaimer: all food was provided for free. We did pay for our own drinks.

Much love, Lisa May x

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