7 October 2019

The Wallpaper Diaries: Week 3 - Girl Boss Quotes

Week three of wallpapers! For this collection, I wanted to celebrate the return of The Apprentice, by putting together a load of phone wallpapers that encompass some great "Girl Boss" quotes. 
I have to say, I found this collection a lot harder to create than my previous ones. I had so many quotes I loved and wanted to use, but for a lot of them, I just couldn't create something I really loved. So although there's only 10 on here, I have held back some to hopefully redo at a later date once I have more experience under my belt and do a round two of this theme.

Don't forget to follow me on Instagram to save them directly to your phone, and as well as the 10 you see here, I upload a couple cheeky extras onto my Pinterest as well.

As last time, Feel free to save and use these on your phone, or as quotes on your socials - but please be sure to tag me if you do!

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This week's wallpapers: Girl Boss
For me, I really wanted to make sure this collection was strong - so probably put a little bit too much pressure on myself considering they're just for fun! Some started one way and ended up looking completely different by the time it was done. The ones I've got here though I'm really proud of, and I hope you like them as much as I do! I did also try and play around with some pink tones initially, but it's just not me! So I stuck with my normal colour palette for now.


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