14 October 2019

The Wallpaper Diaries: Week 4 - Autumn

It is officially Autumn. The wardrobe has been swapped over, the heating is almost on, and the ankle boots are out in full force. This is 100% my favourite time of the year, so not only did I have to do some wallpapers to celebrate, I also had to do a whole week around autumn content! So let's pop a small pin in Florida for this week, and keep an eye across my Youtube and blog for autumn themed posts. 

Autumn for me is so many things, I love the style, I love being cosy, the TV is better (looking at your Strictly and Bake Off) and my birthday is imminent. So why not create some super cute wallpapers to go with the best season of the year?

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As last time, Feel free to save and use these on your phone, or as quotes on your socials - but please be sure to tag me if you do!

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This week's theme: Autumn
I wanted these to have autumn shades and colouring, so I used lots of neutral tones, oranges and a sneaky plum shade. This is probably my favourite collection design wise so far, I have a new font, I'm getting a bit more creative with Photoshop and the shades are just autumn in a palette. I hope you enjoy! Which is your favourite?


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