26 March 2012

Hunger Games Girl Crush

Everyone is talking about Hunger Games actress Jennifer Lawrence at the moment - and I have fallen in love with her as well!
I loved the Hunger Games books so I was very excited for the release of the film and to see who'd be playing Katniss and I don't think anyone could have done a better job. She has come under slight criticism for being labelled "too big" to be in a film which is centered around starving children - but if you read the book you know she feeds herself from hunting so it all fits! Shush to critics!
I think she looks incredible and have fallen in love with all her outfits from The Hunger Games premiers (please see above). For a relative newcomer she knows exactly how to dress for her body and isn't afraid to try some daring looks - I'd never get away with her Prabal Gurung gown!
Let me know what you think but personally I think she's a stunner - definite girl crush alert!

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  1. I have a complete girl crush on Jennifer Lawrence as well, she literally seems like someone I could be friends with which is a change from most stars! Her fashion is awesome and she made the perfect Katniss :)

    Steph @ stephie-in-wonderland.blogspot.com


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