27 March 2012

Spring Is Here

Spring is here and the sun is shining so I decided to hijack my Mum's colour box and nab myself a spring coloured nail varnish... 

This is Chanel and their fantastic 'June' shade. It's such a pretty coral colour which goes with pretty much everything.
I find that with some Chanel polishes the brush makes it hard to apply, but with this one it was really easy and just glided on with so much ease. 
The first coat is very light so you do need about 3 coasts to get this level of colour - but once you've done this it lasts for ages. My record so far is nearly 2 weeks with only a couple minor chips!
Chanel have also bought out 'April' and 'May'.
I find Chanel nail varnish can be pricey (well hello it's Chanel!) but it is worth it, it lasts for ages and like I said, goes with everything. 
Plus - it's so pretty!

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