29 March 2012

Thursday Thoughts #1

I've decided to have little Thursday Thoughts every now and then to talk about any views or thoughts (hence the name) I have in the fashion/beauty industry at this moment in time.

This Week: Kate Middleton Recycling her Mum's Clothes

I have to say - I see no problem with this at all. 

I have to say, I love my Mums wardrobe - she has amazing taste and I love it when she has a wardrobe clear out... It's like all my christmas' and birthday's all at once. When it comes to Christmas I just let her choose what clothes she is going to get me as I know she will know exactly what will suit me and what I'll love.
I have to admit - around a quarter of my wardrobe originated in my Mums closet so I can't and won't judge Kate at all.
My only thing is this - I don't actually like this outfit! I usually think Kate has lovely taste, in most cases, but having seen this outfit on her Mum I think it shows just how skinny Kate is and I do think it is a little too old for her.
But keep recycling your Mums clothes Kate! I will definitely keep recycling my Mums... which reminds me, she is due a clear out soon!

Have you ever stolen any of your Mums clothes?

1 comment

  1. I agree ! I am constantly stealing my mums clothes, its great being able to, especially as you get a new wardrobe without having to spend any money !

    This is not the most flattering outfit I have seen on Kate Middleton, definitely too old for her, however, the colour is stunning on her.


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