6 July 2014

The Review | Benefit Hoola Bronzer


So, another little beaut from my little Benefit haul the other week and this is one that I don't think I can ever live without again. I'm ridiculously picky with bronzers, they can't be too shimmery, too orange toned, too dark, too obvious... The list goes on and on. So when the benefit lady asked if I'd used it before I was like hmm.. no and didn't feel over enthused. But then she put it on my cheeks and I suddenly had beautifully sculpted cheeks. Sure, probably helped she was a make up artist but I was sold.

I took it away and had a play and yup, I have cheek bones! It's breaking news people! It's incredibly easy to use, pop it on the Real Techniques contour brush, suck in the cheeks to locate your cheek bones and just blend in from the hairline until you're happy with the colour depth. I also blend in a circular motion up to my forehead and alone the chin line. 

The tone of this is beautiful, I can't compliment it enough. it's very natural but very effective and the lasting power is definitely impressive. I would recommend this to anyone who likes a natural colour and an easy contour partner. Parfait!

Have you tried Benefit's Hoola?


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  1. I'm always intrigued by this bronzer but because of it's price tag I never know whether to take the plunge or not.. this post may have swayed me haha -x



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