29 June 2014

The Review | Benefit PosieBalm


The summer calls for lighter formulas in all make up products, tinted moisturiser replaces foundations, cream blushes replace heavy powders and balms and tints replace glosses. I recently had a lovely little make over in Benefit and this was in the little hoard of products I ended up going home with. It was paired with it's matching tint and the colour was beautiful and lifted my skin tone so amazingly. I decided to choose between the two and I went for the balm.

So what's it like? Well, there has been a plethora of tinted balms on the high street over the past couple of years so in the long term I wasn't expecting it to be much different, I just really liked the colour. However, this is so ridiculously nourishing and keeps the lips supple for a long time. it's the first time I've come home and my lips felt better after just one day. In terms of colour, it's not as lovely without the tint (we know what I'll be getting on my next trip...) but still a lovely fresh summer colour and it's my go to.

What do you think of these new balms?

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