15 June 2014

The Review | Sexy Mother Blusher


So, a new release from Soap and Glory and one that is probably a total gimmick, but it totally bought me in. Every product I've tried from the brand I fall head over heels for so I figured why not give it a go! It's a beautiful natural blush colour and it sucked me in completely. I love Soap & Glory products so I was convinced I would love this - I do love me a cream blush.

So, application-wise I pop this on the apples of my cheeks and blend with my stippling brush. I have to say I found it quite a hard formula so it wasn't too incredibly easy to blend, but once it is blended it is beautiful. My big gripe with this is definitely its last power, which is practically none for me. I just find that within an hour the beautiful flush has disappeared and there's no colour on my cheeks. It's such a shame cause it's a beaut of a colour and Soap and Glory are such an amazing brand. 

Have you tried their new cream blushes?

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