12 June 2014

The Review | Ponds Cold Cream Cleanser


I'm not a huge cream cleanser person, however when I have used them in the past they've been incredibly nourishing but not so brilliant at removing dirt and grime, so I was on the lookout for one that could do both. My skin has been a bit dry lately so I needed a touch of extra moisture that my other cleansers haven't offered lately. So, in comes Ponds Cold Cream Cleanser. 

I've been using this as my evening cleanser as it's heavy so it wouldn't work as a morning cleanser. It does offer a lot of nourishment and my skin feels lovely and plump and nourished. When removing with a clean cloth you can see it removes a lot of dirt and grim which is great, however a lot is still left over for toner to remove.

One thing I will say for this is that I am finding it a bit too nourishing - what I mean by that is that my oil levels are in excess and I'm feeling oilier then ever, I think it just tips the balance a little too far in terms of moisture. If you have dry skin I believe this would be perfect for you. It's incredibly moisturising and would be great at being gentle whilst cleansing. However, for us oilier skinned types it's just a little bit too far in the moisture balance - which is a real shame as it is a great cleanser.

What nourishing cleansers would you recommend for oily skin?


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