24 June 2014

The Review | No7 Shade and Define


These were a drunken purchase one evening at Waterloo station, not going to lie. But I have to say - I should drunk buy more often. Everyone is raving about the By Terry Black Ombre shadow sticks so when a few people said there was a high street dupe I was intrigued.

No7 isn't usually a brand I go straight to when I pop into Boots, I have a love/hate relationship with their products. This is definitely on the love side. First off I picked up Cool Mink, a beautiful nude beige with a definite hint of lilac in it - I think it's definitely a great dupe for the Misty Rock high end product. I love this colour and its been donning my lids every day since its purchase. It's a beautiful all over lid shade. The second shade I picked up was Coffee Bean, a dark coffee brown perfect for contouring and creating a natural smoky eye. 

The thing that really sells these is their quality. Creamy consistency, they don't crease in the slightly and create a lovely natural sheen. They are incredibly easy to apply and equally as easy to blend. They really come into their own with longevity. They literally last all day and into the evening - which for just £8.00 is frigging amazing. Love it.

These have made me realise I really need to pay more attention to No7 products - and I definitely want to pick up more of these crayons in different colours. They are my new eyeshadow love.

Have you tried these high street dupes?

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