9 June 2014

The Review | ESPA Balancing Herbal Spafresh


I have a lot of reviews stored up so I decided to do an entire week of reviews. I went and bought myself a new toner the other day with the help of some vouchers. I love my Lush Tea Tree Toner Water, it's converted me to toners completely so I decided it was time to try something new. I found the voucher when cleaning stuff out so thought I'd use this to bag myself a newbie. I was looking for one that was good for oily skin and this beauty popped up in my search. 

This toner promises to help refresh, decongest and protect the skin. Peppermint revives and refines the pores, whilst Witch Hazel and Elderflower help to protect against congestion, outbreaks and blemishes. I use this toner after I've double cleansed in the evening, and cleansed in the morning and I have to say - wowzers. In the evening, after double cleansing, the amount of dirt this still managed to find is kind of scary. I've not changed my cleansers so I'm thinking maybe the Lush toner was not quite as good at removing dirt as this little baby. 

I have to say as well, I absolutely love the packaging. It's a beautiful thick glass that has a matte finish and a marble patterned lid, it really is a beaut. Overall I really do love this product. My skin is so much brighter and clearer since I've been using this, I'm not sure how I will ever live without it - though there is an awful lot of it so I probably won't have to worry!

ESPA is a brand I'm completely unfamiliar in so it was really nice to try something completely new and I definitely want to try more from the brand - I would definitely recommend going to check them out and have a peek. If the other products are anything like this toner they are a beaut of a find!

Have you ever tried anything from ESPA?

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  1. I love ESPA Skincare, they have a lovely range. I have never tried their Toner but I like the sound of it. I can recommend their PorSerum & Essential Clay Mask


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